Trusted Health Insurance Agent

When your car needs needs maintenance do you just stop at the nearest roadside gas station or go to your trusted dealer or mechanic? Selecting health care is the same, you go to who you trust.

Turning Point Advisors is your local trusted health insurance agency, that specializes in Medicare insurance and Senior Insurance products. I am here to serve you today and in the future by provide accurate information that you need, 24/7 customer support, and in home no-obligation consultation to answer all your Medicare questions. 

Unlike many, I am here to serve you, not focus on earning a commission like others.

If your new to Medicare get ready for an on-going flood of mail about retirement seminars, Medicare or Social Security workshops, free dinners for attending retirement meetings, and TV ads with 800 phone numbers to call for Medicare information.

If you go online to do your research on Medicare be careful. Many sites say they are Official Medicare Sites, but in reality they just gather your information and sell it to agents. 

I offer one-on-one, in home free consultations. I guide you thru Medicare and retirement. I represent all of the Medicare and Part D insurance companies in Minnesota, and can provide an unbiased recommendation.

Here are some valuable tips that others do not want you to know. 

1) What to expect if you attend a workshop about Medicare plans.

Insurance companies advertise workshops to explain their Medicare plans. However, many of my clients have found that the real purpose of the workshop is to sell you ONLY the insurance companies plan.

If this was your intent going to the workshop and you have already made up your mind to select their plan, then that's OK. However, they will only give a brief summary of Medicare, sometimes only 2-3 minute overview, and spend most of the time telling you why you should buy their plan.

Captive agents who are employed by the insurance company are not required to undergo yearly Medicare re-certification like an Independent Agent, and in many cases, cannot answer all of your questions.

As an independent agent, I can point out the costs and benefits of all Medicare health and Part D medication plans, not just one.  This way you have a choice of what benefits and premium will best meet your personal health needs.    

2) Have you been invited to a Medicare or Social Security dinner?

As you get closer to age 65, you will start getting invitations to meetings promoted as workshops on Social Security, Medicare or retirement planning. 

My clients have told me that after the meeting they learned little or nothing about the advertised topic, unless they scheduled an appointment to discuss their financial investments.

These types of Medicare, Social Security or retirement meetings are usually marketed by Financial Planners. They are more interested in having you come to thier office so they can roll-over your 401k or IRA investments, sell you an Annuity or a Long-Term-Care policy. It is all about your money, because they earn high commissions. 

Many Financial Planners are very good at financial growth, but do not have an in-depth understand Medicare or Social Security like I do. So, if you are expecting to learn about Medicare from one of these meetings, in many cases you will learn nothing.

I can provide information that can guide you thru the retirement process. Many Financial Planners charge big dollars to do this for you, but in realty all the information you need is free. Then, if you want to re-invest your nest egg I can refer a trusted Financial Planner.

3) Then why not just purchase a Medicare policy on-line?

If you purchased your Medicare policy on-line or called an insurance company and enrolled, then you do not have a dedicated agent to represent you. 

When you have a problem you will be calling an ​800 customer service number, being put on hold, only to speak with someone who sometimes are not completely helpful.

As your agent, in addition to your insurance companies customer support, I offer 24/7 client support. I help with billing, policy benefits, or to speak on your behalf with Medicare or Social Security or your Insurance provider to solve complex issues.

4) So What if you are unhappy with your current Agent?

If you are unhappy with your current agent, then give me a call. Except for Medica, all you need to do is submit a simple one-page form and you can change agents.

I would be happy to provide the service you deserve.