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This web site is here for you to get all the necessary information you need to make a more informed choice about your Health Insurance.


Why do my clients refer their friends and family?

I am a servicing agent for a very large client base of Medicare and Individual health insurance. I specilize in those soon to be Medicare eligable and facing retiremant. I also surve those just needing basic health insurance, Life Insurance, Long-Term-Care, Final Expense, Dental, Vision, and Travel Insurance.

In addition to your insurance companies customer service, I offer clients a higher level of customer service (24/7) to assist with major billing errors, what benefits are covered, Medicare-Medicaid and Social Security questions.

If you're unsure about Health Care, no worries

If you’re unsure about Health Care, No Worries

Many of my clients put off enrolling in Medicare or Individual & Family policies because they don't know what to do or who to ask for help. 

When you call me, we will have a very direct phone conversation before scheduling an appointment. I will discuss what ever is on your mind and guide you through the enrolllment process for Social Security, Medicare or Individual Health plans.

I explain health insurance in plain english so that Medicare & Individual health insurance is easy to understand. I educate, so you can make an informed decision about your health care.  

Trust is Earned Not Given

What Others Are Saying

What others are saying

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Retirement Planning

Planning For Retirement

Retirement planning made easy

Most retirees have not planned for retirement 

Are You Ready to Retire

What you need to know about getting ready to retire

What do you need to do and how to enroll in Medicare 

Retirement Transition

Retirement transition planning

Moving from an employer group health plan to Medicare

Medicare Health insurance

What is Medicare


Medicare made simple 

What is Part D


Where Do I get My Medications

How is Medicare paid

How is Medicare paid

Who Pays the Bills

Networks & Providers

What are networks and providers

Where Can I go for healthcare

Individual Health Insurance

Traditional Healthcare


Under Construction

Non-Traditional Healthcare


Under Construction

Other Insurance Products

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance

Where to find low cost coverage

Vision Insurance

Vision insurance

We have one pair of eyes, protect them

Travel Insurance

Worldwide medical insurance

Worldwide Doctors and Clinics

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Call to set an in-home appointment on a day and time that suits your schedule. I will answer all your questions about Social Security, Medicare or Individual Health insurance.  

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