Worldwide Travel Insurance


Why do you need worldwide medical insurance?

During your vacation or missionary service, you may need to see a doctor or have a prescription filled or deal with an unexpected medical emergency on land or at sea.

All Medicare policies only cover emergency room care if you are out of the US, and they only pay up to $10,000 dollars. 

What this means is that if you’re traveling and need health care or a medical evacuation, then you’re responsible for the cost of everything unless you have a travel health insurance.

The Blue Cross GeoBlue, Global Health Provider network spans over 180 countries with 151,000 healthcare providers that accept direct pay from GeoBlue, eliminating out-of-pockets costs. The network includes 169 Regional Physician Advisors (RPAs) that practice Western-style medicine, speak English and possess accreditations and internationally-recognized board certifications such as those from American, UK, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand authorities.

GeoBlue, Travel Medical & International health Insurance includes 24/7 toll free or collect call assistance around the world, Profiles of notable local pharmacies and travel clinics, Translations tools for medications, as well as medical terms/phrases, Emergency numbers, health and security risks, vaccination requirements, and news alerts, Personal Health management tools including symptom checker and second opinion services, and Evacuation services.

You are covered for existing conditions for medical services and evacuation for trips up to six-month for ages 84 or younger.

Plans include either a $50,000 Medical limit with a $500 deductible or $100,00 Medical limit with a $100 deductible or a $1,000,000 Medical limit with no deductible. All plans include medical evacuation.

Simply to my GeoBlue web site, review the benefits, generate a quote.  Applying on-line is simple and easy. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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