Know your Agent


Gene Montanez, you're Licensed Insurance Agent

Many of my clients have often asked …"why do you specialize in Medicare?

The reason is simple. Medicare is very confusing with the many rules and benefit guidelines.  It takes skill to understand and explain Medicare.  It takes patience to listen to your concerns and provide real answers. That is why I enjoy selling Medicare insurance.

I have learned to Love Minnesota

Mr. Montanez is originally from California and move to Minnesota in 1991. Gene served 7 years in the USNR, Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Group. He has spent over 15 years in technical sales and marketing working for certified Government laboratories selling test and manufacturing services to Aerospace, DOD and Military contractors. For twelve years he owned a Manufacturing Representative company prior to selling insurance.

Giving back and paying forward comes naturally

Gene has been a Prayer Chaplain and Healing Minister at Unity Minneapolis, is a former non-profit Board of Director member of the  Twin Cities Community Gospel Choir,  a member of the Robbinsdale Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Robbinsdale Senior Commission, a member of the Robbinsdale Corridor Development Initiative advisory committee, is trained as an 11th hour hospice Douala, a REIKI Master and hands-on healer, a certified sailing vessel captain, a Native American Indian drum maker, pipe maker and carrier, and a professional musician.

Today, Gene is agency owner of Turning Point Advisors.

Turning Point Advisors is a health insurance agency certified to represent and sell Medicare health insurance, Individual & Family health insurance, Life insurance, long-term care insurance and other senior insurance products.

Yearly certifications to sell Medicare products

Each year Gene undergoes mandatory re-certification through AHIP. He is then certified yearly with each insurance company that he is appointed with. After re-certification by each company, Gene then gets certified by product line to sell Medicare Advantage and Supplemental and Part D policies. 

In order to sell Medicare, he has to be in good standing with the Department of Insurance and CMS, provide his own Errors & Emissions insurance, have all licenses and fees up to date, take a yearly refresher courses in Ethics, as well as additional mandatory continuing education courses.