What Clients are Saying


More than an Agent, A Trusted Friend

Katy, Mound Minnesota.   My husband had just started on Medicare in January.  We obtained our Blue Cross policy through Gene Montanez. Two weeks later, my husband had a major health crisis, with a 30-day hospitalization, multiple complications and a potential transition to long term care after discharge.

I called Gene to seek his assistance through all the options for the after-care, learning what would and what would not be covered by Medicare or our supplemental policy.  He was so helpful in this difficult time--and I called him many times over a two-month period. Gene was a huge resource with his knowledge of the details of Medicare, and was always very accessible.

Either he answered my phone call immediately, or called back right away when I left a message for him.  If he didn't know the answer immediately, he pursued the issue and quickly called back with the answer.  Most importantly, he was kind, caring and understanding through a very rough time.  

I can highly recommend working with Gene as you approach Medicare and are considering a supplemental policy. He is more than an "agent"--he is your friend-- and an expert when you really need one.  

Peace of Mind

Carol & Terry, Lakeville MN.   I can't stress enough what a pleasure it was for us to meet you this morning.  My wife had gone through a nightmare with a former Part D insurance provider the day before.  

Your help in resolving our issues allowed us to sleep easy.  My wife had contacted our former agent to see what needed to be done as we just recently moved to the Minneapolis from out of state.

The former Agent did not return my calls so, I called the company direct, and again incurred a frustrating conversation. When I called Gene, he returned my call in a very brief time and set up a face-to-face meeting for the next day.

Terry and I found Gene to be extremely personable, and extremely knowledgeable.  He could "educate" us about things we hadn't even thought of.  His willingness to work with and for us was amazing.  

Gene volunteered to check into things for us that we felt we would have to do ourselves. When we left him this morning, we were very relieved, and we are certain that things are now on the right track. In a day when customer service seems to be in short supply, we feel that Gene went above and beyond. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an insurance agent.