Medicare Plans & Networks


Plan Networks

Supplemental plans do not have a defined network. As long as they accept and bill Medicare.

Some Medicare plans have a defined network, while others allow you to use both the defined network as will as other Medicare providers.

Some plans require you to have a designated clinic and/or doctor, while other plans only allow in-network referrals.

My best advise is to call me and schedule an appointment.

That way we can discuss what best meets your health and network needs. 

Out-of-State Networks

The 'golden rule' is that if Medicare billing is done, then its most likely covered. In most cases if a care facility does not do Medicare billing then you will pay 20% of medical costs.

Most Medicare policies allow you to be out-of-state for specified periods of time as long as you do not change your resident state.

International Networks

Medicare only pays up to $10,000 for Emergence only medical care if your outside the US.  You would have to pay out-of-pocket then submit the receipt to your Medicare plan for reimbursement.

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